Thursday, 20 February 2014


MT Uncles's Green Banana Flour is Gluten Free & super rich in resistant starch, which means it is extremely good for your digestion. Keeping you fuller without feeling bloated.
 This product has endless uses including pastry's, cakes you can even add it to that favorite smoothie for some extra fibre.
 100% AUSTRALIAN made, grown and owned. The fruit is selected at its optimum, delivering the best product possible to the consumer. Made from 100% green bananas, this flour is sure to make an impact.
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 Using the recipe from Mt Uncle's Green Banana Flour website I created this delicious pizza base. I was unsure at first how it was going to cook because of the texture being so different to regular flour. But once out of the oven I was pleasantly surprised. The dough held together quiet well. With a crunchy outer crust and a perfectly cooked center this pizza was enjoyed by all the family.


*125g butter, melted
*100g Natvia
*125g banana flour
*2 eggs
*3 tbsp milk
*1/4 tsp vanilla
*1/4 tsp YIAH Gingerbread spice
*1 ripe banana, mashed

Pre-heat oven to 190o
Line a 12 hole muffin tin with cases,
Mix all ingredients above until just combined. Spoon evenly into the muffin tin and bake for 18-20 mins.

I absolutely loved the texture of these little cakes and to know that when Miss 4 asked for one I had now hesitation in handing her one. Even the icing is sugar free. I have been slowly looking at ways to change the way I cook and with products like this it makes my job a whole lot easier.

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